Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Just Another Life To Lead

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Button up shirt- thrift
Skirt- H&M
Tights- Primark
Scarf- Vintage
Owl pin- Vintage
Boots-Jeffrey Campbell
Suitcase- vintage

There is a certain appeal to picking up and packing up one’s life and starting over again. The fantasy of going wherever you want and being whoever you want on a whim is something about which many a dreamer has fantasized. It seems so romantic being that free spirit girl who lives life by her rules and her rules only. She meets amazing people and sees exciting things along the way to wherever she’s going next, which could be anywhere, because she just kind of…goes. Well, that isn’t exactly how my life traveling back and forth is at the moment, but a girl can dream right? And believe me, I do.

This outfit holds everything I would say represents my everyday style. For instance, I rarely ever wear pants. Most of my wardrobe consists of skirts and dresses, but the appearance of pants has been known to happen. Most people nearly die of shock when they spot my legs covered up by something that is not a pair of tights, if they know me. Strangers, however, do not know that an unusual pants outing is happening before their very eyes and rarely ever appreciate it. There is a very similar phenomenon occurring if I appear out in public without some kind of hair decoration upon my head. I give it a whirl every now and again, but every time I pass a well dressed head I’m positive a green tinge gradually colors my face and makes a spectacle out of me. Again, the naked head, like my covered legs, has been known to happen but it’s kind of like a full moon. It comes around once a month and weird things are known to happen when it appears. The other element of this outfit I’d say will show up a lot on this blog is the mixing of prints. I love love love prints! I’ve never really been one for simplicity. Give me some stripes, polka dots, florals,plaid, whatev…just gimme! My favorite print is stripes (black and white preferably) and I generally like to treat them as a neutral and wear them with pretty much whatever I want. Why? Because I can. Don’t get me wrong, I do try to step outside the box of my usual outfits so don’t think you have me pegged yet! I never can tell what stage I’ll be going through next…

One more important thing, once I find something I love, I wear it to death until I have to unwillingly lay it to rest. So yeah, expect a lot of repeat items.

(1st outfit post- WAHOO!)

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