Tuesday, April 27, 2010

If You're Creepy and you're Kooky...


This past week I visited a friend and she gave me and my other friends a tour around her neighborhood. One of the must see attractions in her neighborhood, at least in our opinion, has been nicknamed "The Spooky House". This "spooky house" is a big house with a crooked old fashioned black rod iron gate on the outside and has covered up windows (it looks like sheets) with small glowing lights behind them with a hearse sitting in the driveway. It looks like The Addams Family set up camp in a neatly manicured suburban neighborhood. Spo0o0o0oky, right? So of course, I loved it.

So it got me thinking about graveyards which led me to think about the time I snapped some photos at Highgate Cemetery in London. It was a rainy, dreary day(with the occasional bouts of sunshine which were thoroughly unwelcome) setting the perfect atmosphere to wander around the old and cracked, sinking and therefore tilting graves. I thought I would share the photos just in case you're a big creep on the inside like me.

highgate 10-tile

highgate 9-tile

highgate 5-tile

highgate 6-vert

highgate 7-tile


  1. I'm both creepy, kooky and in love with graveyards! I live a few houses down from one and I could spend hours in there. :)

    Is that a walkway? In the last photo? It looks dreamy and haunting... I could certainly use that inspiration.

    Oh and about the book, it has been quite an exhausting process. But truly worth it, though. Good luck with your writing and share a bit of that inspiration when you can? Im lacking it at the moment.


  2. The first film I ever developed myself I shot in Wimbledon cemetery, its really big and quite open, not that creepy I guess.

    I love the light in your photos very lovely :) My favorite is the 4th one up from the bottom its looks like a really old pic.

    Pop by my blog and say hi if you have the time!