Thursday, March 4, 2010

Feed The Birds: A True Tale

feed the birds-horz

The other day I was riding on the bus into New York when I saw something I feel compelled to share, for reasons I'm unsure of! As the bus stopped at an intersection I watched the people walking by on the sidewalk. Then I spotted a man on the street corner, who appeared to be homeless, stick his hand into a garbage can and start rummaging around. Admittedly, my first reaction was to cringe a bit on the inside, but then he did something really wonderful. He pulled out his hand and started tossing crumbs of food to the birds scattered around the sidewalk (which of course reminded me of the little bird lady from Mary Poppins!). I felt quite guilty about my initial reaction after seeing something like that!

I smiled looking on as the birds feasted away on the crumbs so generously given to them by this mysterious bird man. As I sat charmed by this scene,playing "Feed the Birds (Tuppence a Bag)" in my head, a man came and kicked his way through the birds sending them all flying to a nearby tree. He looked grouchy, but just as he was walking out of sight- he smiled and shook his head.

Then my bus pulled away.

I suppose people are often not what they initially seem to be?

I did a silly little doodle on the bus ride home because it had left a lasting impression on me.



  1. very sweet story, mary poppins has also turned up on my radar-
    very funny!

  2. indeed. people arent always what they seem. which is why people should stop judging others based on appearances, in fact, i believe they should just stop making assumptions in general.

    but this is just a lovely little story and your doodle! inspiring, indeed.


  3. I'm glad you all liked the story and doodle!

    Valentine- I agree we musn't judge a book by it's cover! Otherwise we miss out on people and experiences we might have really enjoyed.