Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Golden Slumbers

This is my first "However many different ways to wear something post" which was quite fun to do. I chose a white nightgown to work with and put it in three outfits that could actually work on the street. I am a BIG fan of wearing lingerie as everyday clothing, but you have to be careful how you do it. If not done correctly, there may be hootin' and hollerin' from creeps who may or may not try to converse with/rub all up on you. Also, I am incorporating my beloved coat that I like to call my Carpet Jacket into the three looks because it's practically sewn onto my body. But mostly, the three looks is about the white nightgown.

You'd be surprised just how versatile a nightgown can be!

I can sip tea in it!
Yellow Nightgown- Thrifted
White Nightgown(peeking out of the bottom)- Thrifted
Carpet Jacket- Punk Rock Flea Market
Tights- Target
Velvet Kitten Heels- Thrifted
Headbow- It's tied tulle

I can go to work in it!
White Nightgown-Thrifted
Sweater- Found around house
Carpet Jacket- Punk Rock Flea Market
Tights- H&M
Boots- Jeffrey Campbell
Scarf- Brick Lane- Sunday Up Market

I can go on nature walks in it!
White Nightgown- thrifted
Carpet Jacket- Punk Rock Flea Market
Grandpa Pants- Thrifted
Oxfords- Jeffrey Campbell
Beret- Primark
Bag- Thrifted

These are just some of the many wonderful activities you can do in the outdoors in a nightgown disguised as street wear. There is a whole world of options!

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