Monday, February 1, 2010

Ain't That Somethin'! No Pants!

petit 2

Petit Nuage used to be one of my favorite blogs until one day I discovered that it had up and disappeared. Her blog was very much its own weird little world and very unique from all the other blogs I read. As you might imagine, I was reluctant to delete it from my favorites. I left it for awhile, just to see if it didn’t suddenly appear the same way it had disappeared. It didn’t. Through savvy investigating (googling, let’s be real) I discovered she had a new blog. That also disappeared. Fortunately, my savvy investigating skills paid off again and I have discovered that she still has a flickr! How exciting! Is this getting stalker-ish? (I am what this society made me… I’m looking at you Google, Facebook, Twitter) The point is that I can now share some of her drawings/collages which I always looked forward to her posting.

The girl behind this blog is a mystery to me and I can’t quite figure out where she is from, perhaps Sweden? I tried figuring out what language she posts in, but alas, my savvy investigating skills have failed me.

petit 3

Her artwork consists of childlike yet bizarre imagery that features cutesy unicorns (hoorah!), polka dots and flowers (hooray!), even ice cream cones (whoopee!) paired with naked people showing nipples and pubic hair (My! How scandalous!). This mystery girl also dabbles in collaged elements as well, where she pastes pictures onto her drawings or drawings onto her pictures. There is something so endearing and interesting about her style that I’ve never forgotten about it since her blog disappeared. She creates a bizarre world that I love to peek into. Sometimes I find myself smiling and sometimes I find myself cringing, but it’s always an experience! I love the mixing of the bizarre and potentially morbid with childlike imagery (I’ve actually been working on something playing with this idea and collaging as well)! Edward Gorey is the master of this concept with his books full of bizarre and morbid topics combined with children’s illustrations, even though he didn’t think his books were technically for children! I don’t think hers are meant for children either! I think this girl is really onto something cool and I will be curious to see what she does next!

To check out more: Kaffe med Kaka

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