Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Will They Nomi Now?

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Source: Flickr: Jim's Theme 1969

Who is this unearthly creature? That nutty individual is singer Klaus Nomi. He was a German born man who came to New York City, engrained himself in the East Village scene of the 70s and 80s, and made a name for himself that would never be forgotten. He mixed his interests and skills in opera and performance art with synthesizers to create his own unique pop/glam rock/new wave/ whatever you want to call it -it’s still gonna be awesome- version of music. His recordings have the sound of the 80s but could still be mistaken for an experimental artist recording today. Sadly, he succumbed to complications due to AIDS in 1983 leaving behind the planet some questioned if he was even born on. Klaus’s iconic fashion sense and one of a kind vocal styling has been referenced by several well known names such as Morrissey, Gareth Pugh, and Jean Paul Gaultier, just to name a few! His fashion sense is truly iconic and will continue to keep inspiring all us lowly earthlings.

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Sources: Flickr: Tigermetal, Pagesperso-orange

There is a documentary titled The Nomi Song made in 2004 if you are interested in learning more about this very bizarre character. I highly recommend it! (It can be found online very easily!)

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Source: Flickr: Gumilev

Check out some videos:

Klaus would have turned 66 on January 24th. Happy belated birthday Klaus!

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