Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Something White This Way Blows

We have yet another blizzard and everything is blanketed in white. While I think the color very pretty swirling through the air and decorating the ground, trees and rooftops, I was never really attracted to the color for my clothing choices, but somehow my mind has been changed. I keep thinking about white for the spring. It feels quite fresh to me! Plus, there are many different ways to wear white.

There is sweet and pretty white:
Sweet White
Bianca Jagger, Veruschka
Source:Child of the Moon

How about street style white?
Edgy White
Source: Dropsnap

Ohh la la! Sexy white anyone?
Sexy white
Julie Christie, I can't remember!
Source:Child of the Moon

Flower Child White:
60s white
Unknown, Peggy Lipton
Source:Child of the Moon

I would like to experiment in dress-up sessions with all of these styles! First, I need to gather more white pieces!

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